ASLC Committee Applications | Spring 2015

If Elections Aren’t Your Thing, Join Anyway!

If campaigning is not your thing, there are a number of other ways to have in say in the operations of the school. We are currently looking for students to fill a number of positions. Each application contains a job description of assignments and duties.

Constitutional Affairs Committee Application

The Constitutional Affairs Committee acts as oversight for ASLC and its various groups. Members will be called upon to determine the constitutionality of various cases. The CAC also makes non-substantive edits to improve the clarity and consistency of the ASLC Constitution.

Constitutional Affairs Committee Application

Student Advisory Team Application

The Student Advisory Team serves to advocate for students in the conduct system by attending conduct hearings at the request of the involved student(s) and by providing students with relevant information/advice about the conduct system.The Student Advisory Team also holds forums/workshops to educate students on their rights on and off campus.

Student Advisory Team Application

​​Honor Board Application

The Honor Board is the group responsible for upholding the Academic Integrity Policy at Lewis & Clark. The Board comprises student and faculty representatives who hear cases of alleged violations of the Academic Integrity Policy and determine the proper measures to be taken. Being a student representative on the Honor Board is an excellent opportunity to serve your Lewis & Clark community. Please send any questions you might have to

Honor Board Application

Student Organization Committee Application

Do you want to help decide where the student fee money goes? Or perhaps you have an idea for how we can allocate money to clubs more efficiently? Maybe you just want to bring a fresh new thought to how we interact with L&C’s different student organizations and what they do. Join the Student Organizations Committee (SOC) for the 2014-2015 academic year!  The SOC allocates student fees to student groups, makes sure each group is registered, and aids group leaders in effectively guiding their organization. If you have any questions e-mail

Student Organization Committee Application

Community Service Relations Committee Application

The Community Service and Relations Committee (CSRC) is charged with facilitating dialogue and activities between Lewis & Clark students, faculty, and staff, and the greater Portland community. CSRC will be the most successful if we have students from who are passionate about the L&C community and want to see a positive atmosphere created for all students. Finding and having different opinions and interests are welcome because it will help the committee makes the best decisions possible and bring new ideas to L&C. If you have any questions e-mail If interested please fill out the application attached below.

CSRC Application

Finance Committee Application

Want to help decide where your student fee money goes? Have you had a meaningful or fun experience at a Lewis & Clark event and want to get a chance to be a part of the funding process for upcoming events? We want your voice! Finance Committee is in charge of allocating $40,000 throughout the course of the year to student groups and initiatives interested in enhancing the Lewis & Clark experience in a myriad of ways. All students are welcome to apply! Finance Committee is at its most successful when we have a group of students who are truly representative of what the campus wants and needs. Please contact me at if you have any questions or would like to get together to talk about Finance Committee. Applications are due by 5pm on January 30th (Friday) to your ASLC Treasurer, Brenda Barnum, through the Google form.

Finance Committee Application

Committee on Admissions and Financial Aid

The Committee on Admissions and Financial Aid formulates and reviews policies relating to admissions and financial aid, including the selection of Neely and Trustee Awards. The Committee on Admissions and Financial Aid consists of three members of the voting Faculty and one student. If you are interested in this position e-mail

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