The Weekly Bark – Feb. 11, 2015

50th International Fair The International Student of Lewis and Clark (ISLC) would like to invite you to participate to this year International Fair 50th Anniversary. We are in need of volunteers who could help for a specific region (dance, performance, cooking) or for the fair in general. If you have any questions or want toContinue reading “The Weekly Bark – Feb. 11, 2015”

Student Discovers New Species, Auctions Naming Opportunity

With funding from the National Science Foundation, Alex Young ’15 spent his summer immersed in the forests of eastern Kansas. A typical day of his research internship—pursued after deriving inspiration from Wild Trees, a book recommended by William Swindells Sr. Professor of Natural Sciences Paulette Bierzychudek—included climbing trees and collecting moss and lichen samples for later laboratory study.Continue reading “Student Discovers New Species, Auctions Naming Opportunity”