Student Advisory Team: Know Your Rights and the OLCC

Phoebe Gresser /// Chief Justice Lewis & Clark students are known for their unmatched dedication to making positive change within our school, community and world. Lewis & Clark’s student government, the Associated Students of Lewis & Clark (ASLC), is one of our on-campus organizations that gives the student a voice in how our school isContinue reading “Student Advisory Team: Know Your Rights and the OLCC”

The OLCC is Under Your Control

Caleb Diehl /// Editor-in-Chief The Oregon Liquor Control Commission just won the power to control more than liquor. Now, they’ll monitor your weed as well. This time, however, you can tell the OLCC what to do. On Tuesday, voters approved Measure 91, making Oregon the third state to legalize recreational marijuana consumption and cultivation.The measureContinue reading “The OLCC is Under Your Control”