The Associated Students of Lewis & Clark are divided into two major groups: The Cabinet and The Senate.

ASLC Cabinet

The Cabinet manages the government functions and executes the legislation.

The Community Service & Relations Committee facilitates dialogues and activities between students, staff, faculty, and the greater Portland community. We try to promote a sense of community by hosting forums such as Common Hour and acting as an advocate for the interests of students.

The Finance Committee is responsible for distributing more than $30,000 for events throughout the year.

The Student Organizations Committee funds and supports the work of more than 100 student organizations in cooperation with the Office of Student Activities.

The Student Academic Affairs Board is a unique part of the student government. It includes a grant program to fund student research initiatives and other academic expense and a tutoring program which organizes, funds, and manages a student-to-student tutoring program free-of-charge.

The Equity, Inclusion & Justice Committee exists to represent marginalized or otherwise underrepresented student groups, respond and make proactive efforts toward preventing hate and bias-related incidents, and protect the diverse identities and ideologies on campus, acknowledge and providing what student unions, student organizations, academic departments, extracurricular, and the ASLC otherwise cannot.

The Student Advisory Team provides students with resources and understandings of the College policies.

The Constitutional Affairs Team ensures everyone is following the rules of the Constitution.

The Auditory provides resources and research on the institution of the College, proctors surveys, and manages and maintains ASLC’s archives.

The Elections Committee ensures all elections are carried out in a smooth, fair, and constitutional fashion.

ASLC Senate

The Senate drafts and passes legislation.

Senate includes twelve Senators elected by the student body in a school-wide election and eight Representatives representing their respective Unions.