The Senate of the

Associated Students of Lewis & Clark College

Senate meetings are open to all students, faculty, administrators, and community members and occur every Thursday at 7 PM, in JR Howard 202. Contact any of the senators below to draft legislation about a topic of your interest.


Senate elections happen in the Fall! Check back later for more information or contact the  Director of Elections at


Queer Student Union Rep. –  
International Students Union Rep. – 
Student-Athlete Advisory Committee Rep. – 
Feminist Student Union Rep. – 
Black Student Union Rep – 
Disabled Student Union Rep. – 
Gente Latina Unidad Rep. – 

Committee Assignments

Constitutional Affairs Committee:
  • Allison Behrens (Chair)

Student Advisory Team:
  • Allison Behrens (Chair)
Student Academic Affairs Board:
  • Shannon Drew (Chair)
  • Hannah Posey-Scholl (Director of Grants)
  • Sally Goldman (Director of Tutoring)
  • Lauren Backerman (College Honor Board Chair)
  • TBD (SAAB Historian)
Community Service & Relations Committee:
  • Mikah Bertelmann (Chair)
Student Organizations Committee:
  • Nick Gothard (Chair)
Finance Committee:
  • William Witmer (Chair)
Elections Committee:
  • Mary-Claire Spurgin (Chair)
Diversity Committee:
  • Elizabeth Gillingham (Chair)
Auditory Staff:
  • Katie Krueger (Chair)

If you have ideas, thoughts, or opinions about the happenings at Lewis & Clark, and the passion to follow through with action, run for Senate! Being a Senator is a great way to be an active participant in ASLC by representing your class. Applications can be found outside of the ASLC offices on the main floor of Templeton or by contacting the Vice President at