Resources & Opportunities

Career Development Center

How It Works:

Step 1: Craft a Resume

  • Start by making a first draft of your resume if you don’t already have one.  Not sure where to start?  No problem.  Review our resume handout and/or meet with a Peer Career Advisor or Career Counselor.

Step 2: Meet with a Professional

  • Have your resume draft reviewed by a professional.  During the month of Resume Challenge the Career Development Center makes a special effort to connect you to a professional at a time that works for you. During your meeting you will receive helpful feedback on ways in which you can make your resume as effective as possible.  On average it can take anywhere between 3-5 drafts to get your resume in top shape.  Don’t get frustrated – your professional will help you get there!
  • Who is considered a professional?  Anyone with experience – they could be an alum, a recruiter, a career counselor, a faculty member, a peer career advisor or a resident career advisor.

Resume Review Availability

Step 3: Submit Your Resume to the Resume Challenge

Resume submissions will be accepted from 

Thursday, September 18th to Friday, November 21st at 5:00pm.

For more information click here to visit the Career Development Center’s website.

Student Leadership & Service

We are committed to helping you develop the skills to understand, create, and connect your rich liberal arts educational experience with future goals.  

1. Academic Civic Engagement

  • Discover the value of integrating the community into the classroom through intentional academic civic engagement. SLS works with students, faculty, and community partners to advance the needs/agendas of community organizations while providing students with deeper understanding of course content and civic responsibility.

2. Alternative Breaks

  • This program partners Lewis & Clark students with communities around the world to create service opportunities that are both productive and educational. The intention behind Alternative Breaks is based upon the pursuit of positive social change and social justice. These programs are initiated and led by students.

3. Donation Campaigns

  •  To augment our volunteer engagement with community partners, SLS organizes and supports these charitable giving efforts on campus. This includes Blood Drives, Workplace Giving, and Food Drives.

4. Service Learning

  • Our Service Learning program is designed to give students the chance to engage, learn, and lead in communities with identified needs through one-time and ongoing service opportunities.

Pioneer Passport to Leadership

The Pioneer Passport to Leadership will guide students to make meaning of their leadership development at Lewis & Clark and translate it to future endeavors. The program’s goal is to enhance personal and collaborative skills to help students connect with opportunities on and off campus.
The four tracks of the program are: LeadershipDiversityCareer, and Wellness

About Passport to Leadership

All Pioneers are welcome to attend the program’s workshops. To be eligible for the Certificate you must complete a minimum of seven workshops over the duration of one academic year, including four mandatory and three optional workshops. Participants will receive a passport to track their attendance when they sign up for the program. At the end of Spring Semester all eligible participants will be invited to celebrate with one another and their facilitators at our Awards Ceremony and Banquet. Participants will also earn a cord for graduation! You will receive this upon your graduation year.

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