Finance Committee

Committee Purpose:

The Finance Committee is responsible for distributing more than $40,000 for events throughout the year. Students or student-run organizations requiring funds for specific purposes may apply for a Finance Committee grant at any time during the school year. The Finance Committee will convene once a week to hear grant requests and decide which projects will receive funding.

Committee Members:

Treasurer – William Witmer (

Assistant to the Treasurer – Fox Pfund-Pulliam

Senators – Quentin Gaul, Bella Gutierrez

Members – Keldy Mason, David Biow, Violet Betters, Samantha Bowen

Committee Forms:

•The Bylaws of the Treasurer

Want to join the Finance Committee? Apply here.

•Applying for a Finance Committee Grant? Use the document below to apply. Grants are accepted on a rolling basis. They are due on or before Tuesdays at 5:00pm via email to

Student Organization Check / Reimbursement Form

Check / Reimbursement Request Forms:

Expense Reimbursement Form

Check Request Form

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