Diversity Committee

Committee Purpose:

The Diversity Committee was started in 2017 and is the newest addition to the student government. It exists to represent marginalized or otherwise underrepresented student groups, respond and make proactive efforts toward preventing hate and bias-related incidents, and protect and promote the diverse identities and ideologies on campus, acknowledging and providing what student unions, student organizations, academic departments, extracurriculars, and the ASLC otherwise cannot. 

The Committee is compromised of Student Confidants that serve as anonymous, communicative outlets for members of the student community and provide feedback to the DC detailing student comments, concerns, or experiences as it relates to the responsibilities of the DC. collect, retain, and distribute information pertaining to resources regarding diversity and inclusion offered both on- and off-campus.

Committee Members:

Diversity Committee Chair – Elizabeth Gillingham (aslcdiversity@lclark.edu)

Diversity Committee Vice Chair – Eduardo Beltran

Committee Forms:

The Bylaws of DC (updated 03/24/18)

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