Clubs & Organizations

Want to Start a New Club at Lewis & Clark?

Student Organization Registration Packets are accepted on an on-going basis for new student organizations. Registration packets can be found here.

Need to Reregister an Existing Club?

Organizations that received an allocation from the Associated Students of Lewis & Clark Student Organizations Committee, must submit their re-registration for the 2014-2015 academic year before their allocation will be released by the ASLC Treasurer.
The online re-registration form for the 2014-2015 academic year can be found here.

 Acabrella [NCR]Budget Icon

 ACCION [NCR]Budget Icon

 Amnesty InternationalBudget Icon

 Animal CollectiveBudget Icon

 Anime ClubBudget Icon

 ApocalipsBudget Icon

 Art WeekBudget Icon

 Artemis-Women’s Ultimate FrisbeeBudget Icon

 Bacchus-Men’s Ultimate FrisbeeBudget Icon

 Beekeeping ClubBudget Icon

 Bike Co-OpBudget Icon

 Biology ClubBudget Icon

 Buddhist GroupBudget Icon

 BuildOnBudget Icon

 Campus Activities BoardBudget Icon

 CEESABudget Icon

 Chinese ClubBudget Icon

 Circle of FriendsBudget Icon

 Climbing Club [NCR]Budget Icon

 Co-Op Rusty NailBudget Icon

 College OutdoorsBudget Icon

 Dance TeamBudget Icon

 Documentary Action Film Club [NCR]Budget Icon

 Environmental Studies SymposiumBudget Icon

 Entrepreneurship ClubBudget Icon

 Equine Rescue Assistance ClubBudget Icon

 Feminist Student UnionBudget Icon

 Fencing Club [NCR]Budget Icon

 Fire ArtsBudget Icon

 French ClubBudget Icon

 Garden CollectiveBudget Icon

 Gender Studies SymposiumBudget Icon

 German Club [NCR]Budget Icon

 Go Club [NCR]Budget Icon

 Gun ClubBudget Icon

 Hacker Club [NCR]Budget Icon

 Hawai’i ClubBudget Icon

 Health Professionals ClubBudget Icon

 HillelBudget Icon

Budget Icon Int’l Affairs Symposium

 International Affairs Club [NCR]Budget Icon

 Investment ClubBudget Icon

 ISLCBudget Icon

 Japanese ClubBudget Icon

 Math ClubBudget Icon

 Men’s Club RugbyBudget Icon

 Men’s Club SoccerBudget Icon

 Mock TrialBudget Icon

 Model UNBudget Icon

 MOSAICBudget Icon

 Mtn. Bike ClubBudget Icon

 Muslim Students AssociationBudget Icon

 Mystical GrovesBudget Icon

 Non-traditional Students [NCR]Budget Icon

 Paddle ClubBudget Icon

 ParkourBudget Icon

 Pep BandBudget Icon

Budget Icon Philosophy Club

Budget Icon Ping Pong Club

 PlatteauBudget Icon

 Pluralism & Unity BoardBudget Icon

 Politics ClubBudget Icon

 Programming ClubBudget Icon

 Psych ClubBudget Icon

 Queer Resource CenterBudget Icon

 Ray Warren Symposium on Race & Ethnic StudiesBudget Icon

Budget Icon Russian Club

 SAACBudget Icon

 Sailing TeamBudget Icon

 Salsa ClubBudget Icon

 SEEDBudget Icon

 Senior ExperienceBudget Icon

 Serious Club [NCR]Budget Icon

Budget Icon Sewing Society

 Ski and Snowboard ClubBudget Icon

 Society of EconomistsBudget Icon

 Spanish ClubBudget Icon

 Student Alumni AssociationBudget Icon

 Student Support Services BoardBudget Icon

 Surf ClubBudget Icon

 Suzuki/ViewpointsBudget Icon

 Swing and BallroomBudget Icon

 Third Culture KidsBudget Icon

 United Genders & SexualitiesBudget Icon

 Watzek Student Advisory CommitteeBudget Icon

 Women’s Club Lacrosse [NCR]Budget Icon

 Women’s Club RugbyBudget Icon

 Yoga ClubBudget Icon

 Young Americans for Liberty [NCR]Budget Icon

 Zymurgy Club [NCR]Budget Icon

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