Constitutional Affairs Committee


CAC acts as a judicial review team; it can review the constitutionality of ASLC actions and legislation, and may invalidate either of which violate the Constitution. A lot of CAC work will be examining the language of the ASLC Constitution and Bylaws, and updating those which need to be updated to clear up vague sections of the documents. If necessary, CAC will also hold hearings to review if actions taken by the executive branch or legislation passed aligns with the ASLC Constitution and Bylaws, and the Student Code of Conduct.

Legislation Templates

The following documents are useful if you wish to bring legislation to the Senate floor or to prompt change on campus. Contact your Senator for support in using them! All of the following are provided in Google Docs formation. Please make a copy of the document for you drive and then edit your copy.

Bill Template (to amend the Constitution or Bylaws)

Resolution Template (to make a statement, declaration, demand, etc.)

Important Documents

To have an action by an ASLC member reviewed, complete the Petition for Review. To have an individual recalled, complete the Recall Petition. For assistance, contact the ASLC Chief Justice at

Petition for Review

Recall Petition

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