Notes from GE Meetings with Paul Hanstedt

This Tuesday, both SAAB and the Faculty (as a whole) conducted a number of meetings with Paul Hanstedt, a General Education (GE) specialist who has worked with colleges throughout the United States and internationally. This is part of an ongoing initiative to consider what General Education can look like at L&C (see recent posts). IContinue reading “Notes from GE Meetings with Paul Hanstedt”

Notes from Open Discussion on General Education

On behalf of SAAB and the Curriculum Committee, I would like to extend my thanks to all those who showed up to discuss General Education at Lewis & Clark on this last Friday, January 22nd. The discussion brought up tons of great points, put some workable ideas on the table, and helped inform SAAB membersContinue reading “Notes from Open Discussion on General Education”

A Special Message From SAAB

Dear Students, No one can deny that we are an avidly self-representing student body, one who takes an active role in shaping our education and our experience at Lewis & Clark. The very existence of our Student Academic Affairs Board is a testament to this—we have a dedicated group of students from every academic departmentContinue reading “A Special Message From SAAB”