The Senate of the

Associated Students of Lewis & Clark College

First-Year ’20

Matthew Stevenson
Violet Betters
William Witmer

Sophomore ’19

Ella Crawford
Natalie Souders
Zack Johnson

Junior ’18

William Hart
Jonathan Torres

Senior ’17

Geneva Karr
Torin Lee


Queer Community Rep. –  Alphonso Le
International Students Rep. – Rinyuda Promphengransi
Student Athletes Rep. – Libby Bissen
Feminist Students Rep. – Sydni Brooks

Committee Assignments

Constitutional Affairs Committee:
  • Leanne Glikbarg

  • Tian-Ai Aldridge
  • Sara Worku
  • Natalie Souders
  • Jiayan Sheng (Chair)
Student Advisory Team :
  • Shimpei Goto
  • Sara Worku
  • Ania Wright
  • William Hart
  • Gabriel Rivera Barreto
  • Jiayan Sheng (Chair)
Student Academic Affairs Board:
  • Matt Stevenson
  • Sophia Canon (Chair)
Community Service & Relations Committee
  • Violet Betters
  • Jonathan Torres
  • Mindy Kim
  • Daniela Zamora
  • Helena Loftus
  • Miranda Mora (Chair)
Student Organizations Committee
  • Torin Lee
  • Geneva Karr
  • Josh Crisp
  • Alden Chatfield (Chair)
Finance Committee:
  • Charlie Morris
  • Ella Crawford
  • Evie Samuelson
  • Feona Rehfuss
  • Jasper Edwards
  • Kalin Rooney
  • Katarina Grohs
  • Laura Travis
  • Sky Jones
  • Uwella Rubuga
  • William Witmer
  • Zack Johnson
  • Marissa Valdez (Chair)
Student Health Advisory Board:
  • Josh Cena

Renewable Energy Fee Committee:
  • Hannah Smay

Elections Committee:
  • Nora Maybury
  • Geneva Karr
  • Elisha Stevens (Chair)

Senate meetings are open to all students, faculty, administrators, and community members and occur every
Thursday at 7 PM, in Thayer conference room located in Templeton

If you have ideas, thoughts, or opinions about the happenings at Lewis & Clark, and the passion to follow through with action, run for Senate! Being a class Senator is a great way to be an active participant in ASLC by representing your class. Applications can be found outside of the ASLC offices on the main floor of Templeton or by contacting the Vice President at You can also get involved by contacting your class senator to draft and present legislation on your topic of interest.

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