Community Service & Relations


Committee Purpose:

The Community Service and Relations Committee (CSRC) facilitates dialogues and activities between students, staff, faculty, and the greater Portland community.  We try to promote a sense of community by hosting forums such as Common Hour and acting as an advocate for the interests of students.

CSRC Programs:

  • New York Times Readership Program
  • ASLC Social Media (IG: aslclark_ Twitter: ASLC_ Facebook: associatedstudentslc)
  • Pioneers for Pioneers
  • Storage Subsidy
  • Collins View Neighborhood Association

The Bylaws of the CSRC (updated 04/27/17)

Committee Members:

Community Service & Relations Coordinator – Katie Krueger (

Senators – Hannah Posey-Scholl, Jacob Serafini, Sherlock Ortiz

Community Service Facilitator – Michael Kanter

Pios for Pios Coordinator – Sophia Perez

Collins View Neighborhood Association Liasons – Allison Behrens, Liam Casey, Naylor Finnerty, Michael Kanter

Social Media Coordinator – Mary-Claire Spurgin

Members – Mikah Bertelmann, Mica Borrero-Davis,  Immanuel Harice, Maxine McCuller, Mary-Claire Spurgin

Committee Forms:

NYT Distributor Fall 2018:

donate-pios4pios1 (1)
Click this link to learn more about Pios for Pios and how to give!


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