Community Service & Relations


ASLC CSRC is now taking donations for our 2018 Holiday Drive. Donations can be dropped off at designated boxes at:

Feminist Student Union (Templeton), Platteau (Platt-Howard), ASLC (Templeton), COOP (Forrest)

We are excepting donations for the Portland Rescue Mission and collaborating with the Care Committee, who is taking donations for the Oregon DHS. Consider donating the following items:

  • Jackets
  • Socks
  • Shirts
  • Shoes
  • Pants
  • Blankets

If you have any questions, please email the ASLC CSRC ( or the ASLC Community Service Facilitator, Katie Krueger (

Committee Purpose:

The Community Service and Relations Committee (CSRC) facilitates dialogues and activities between students, staff, faculty, and the greater Portland community.  We try to promote a sense of community by hosting forums such as Common Hour and acting as an advocate for the interests of students.

CSRC Programs:

  • New York Times Readership Program
  • ASLC Social Media (IG: aslclark_ Twitter: ASLC_ Facebook: associatedstudentslc)
  • Pioneers for Pioneers
  • Storage Subsidy
  • Collins View Neighborhood Association

Committee Members:

Community Service & Relations Coordinator – Mikah Bertelmann (

Senators – Hannah Posey-Scholl, Jacob Serafini, Sherlock Ortiz

Community Service Facilitator – Katie Krueger

Pios for Pios Coordinator – Sophia Perez

Collins View Neighborhood Association Liasons – Allison Behrens, Liam Casey, Naylor Finnerty, Michael Kanter

Social Media Coordinator – Dawn Mist Movich-Fields

Members – Mica Borrero-Davis,  Immanuel Harice, Maxine McCuller, Mary-Claire Spurgin

Committee Forms:

NYT Distributor Fall 2018:

donate-pios4pios1 (1)

Click this link to learn more about Pios for Pios and how to give!


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