College Committees

College Committees

“Students’ participation in governance is broad and significant. Four students—two from the College of Arts and Sciences, and one each from the Graduate School of Education and Counseling and the Law School—are appointed by the board chair to sit on all standing committees of the board except the committees on investments, nominations, and audit. Students also serve on many standing and ad hoc operational committees of the College at large, and participate extensively in the governance of their respective schools.

Student representatives serve as voting members on most administrative searches and routinely sit on search committees for faculty positions. Nomination and/or appointment of student representatives to committees is overseen by the Associated Students of Lewis & Clark College (ASLC) and forwarded to the dean of the College of Arts and Sciences for final approval.”

Faculty Bylaws – Lewis & Clark College Faculty Handbook

1. Curriculum Committee

Marshall Piotrowski-, SAAB Chair, Student Representative

Claire Keddy-, Honor Board Chair, Student Representative

a. Subcommittee on Course Proposals

Claire Keddy-, SAAB Chair, Student Representative

2. Faculty Committee on Enrollment

– Katie Krueger

3. Parking Committee

– Naylor Finnerty

4. Student Health Advisory Board

– Nicole Dean

5. Renewable Energy Fee Fund Committee

– Ben Siepel & Alex Webb


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