ASLC Committees


The Community Service & Relations Committee facilitates dialogues and activities between students, staff, faculty, and the greater Portland community.  We try to promote a sense of community by hosting forums such as Common Hour and acting as an advocate for the interests of students.


The Student Academic Affairs Board, established in 1982, is a unique part of your student government.The SAAB Grant Program funds student research initiatives and other academic expenses via a board of student representatives from each academic discipline.The SAAB Tutor Program organizes, funds and manages a student-to-student tutoring program free-of-charge.
The Board meets weekly to discuss issues of academic importance to the student body: curriculum matters, the academic calendar, the senior capstone/keystone experience, faculty retention, general education requirements, etc. Additionally, SAAB sponsors a peer tutoring program, in which students can receive two free hours of tutoring per week per class.


The Student Organizations Committee is the coordinating committee for all of Lewis & Clark College’s student organizations and their leaders. This committee’s charge is to foster cooperation between student organizations and establish a link with student government. The committee also distributes funds collected from student fees among the various groups through an application process near the end of each academic year.

College Committees

“Students’ participation in governance is broad and significant. Four students—two from the College of Arts and Sciences, and one each from the Graduate School of Education and Counseling and the Law School—are appointed by the board chair to sit on all standing committees of the board except the committees on investments, nominations, and audit. Students also serve on many standing and ad hoc operational committees of the College at large, and participate extensively in the governance of their respective schools.

Student representatives serve as voting members on most administrative searches and routinely sit on search committees for faculty positions. Nomination and/or appointment of student representatives to committees is overseen by the Associated Students of Lewis & Clark College (ASLC) and forwarded to the dean of the College of Arts and Sciences for final approval.”

Faculty Bylaws – Lewis & Clark College Faculty Handbook

1. Curriculum Committee

-Reed Benoit, SAAB Chair, Student Representative

-James Fisher, Honor Board Chair, Student Representative

a. Subcommittee on Course Proposals

-Reed Benoit, SAAB Chair, Student Representative

b. Subcommittee on International Studies

– will be updated soon (11/28/2014)

2. Vendor Review Policy

-Rostam Assadi, Student Representative

-Shannon Boerner, Student Representative

3. Committee on Admissions and Financial Aid

– will be updated soon (11/28/2014)

4. Committee on the Library and Educational Technology

– will be updated soon (11/28/2014)

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