Join An ASLC Committee

Do you like money? Is social media and advertising if your forte? Do you want to be involved in making your LC community a better place without the high stress of running in an election? ASLC’s got the perfect place for you. Apply to be part of an ASLC Committee!

Click the committee name to learn more and/or to complete the application. For questions about each committee, feel free to reach out the chair listed below.

Elections Committee

Director of Elections, Mary-Claire Spurgin (

Finance Committee

Treasurer, William Witmer (

Student Organizations Committee

Student Organizations Committee Chair, Nick Gothard (

Equity, Inclusion, & Justice Committee

Equity, Inclusion, & Justice Committee Chair, Elizabeth Gillingham (

Community Service & Relations Committee

Community Service & Relations Coordinator, Mikah Bertelmann (

Student Advisory Team

Chief Justice, Allison Behrens (

Constitutional Affairs Committee

Chief Justice, Allison Behrens (

Auditory Staff

Auditor, Katie Krueger (

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