Join ASLC Senate!

Welcome back to campus, Pios! Do you want to start the new school year by taking a leadership role in the Lewis & Clark community and make a positive change while connecting with other dedicated students? If so, you are highly encouraged to run for the ASLC Senate!
ASLC senators are responsible for representing the interests of the student body by reaching out to their fellow students, writing legislation, and serving on committees. Being a part of the Senate is a great way to make an impact on campus by focusing on issues that you and your peers are passionate about. Recent senators have worked together on projects ranging from funding the Counseling Center to creating common spaces on campus to creating a subsidy to make textbooks more affordable for low-income students. 

In order to run for Senate, you must be a full-time student in good academic standing who is able to attend weekly Senate meetings on Thursdays at 7:00pm. To be on the ballot, you must complete the attached application below and turn in 25 signatures from peers who support your candidacy. Further details about the elections process can be found in the attached application. If you have any questions about the Senate or the election, please contact the Director of Elections, Mary-Claire Spurgin, at

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