Notes from GE Meetings with Paul Hanstedt

This Tuesday, both SAAB and the Faculty (as a whole) conducted a number of meetings with Paul Hanstedt, a General Education (GE) specialist who has worked with colleges throughout the United States and internationally. This is part of an ongoing initiative to consider what General Education can look like at L&C (see recent posts).

I would like to invite the student body to consider notes which I took at Paul Hanstedt’s meeting with SAAB representatives. The intent of this meeting was to explore where L&C currently sits in the landscape of GE nationally and internationally, and to discuss ideas for how it can be reformed. The notes cover general themes of the discussion, but do not include specific ideas—for example, our specific discussion of what role Race & Ethnicity can and should play in GE is not reflected in the notes.

If you are interested in the process, and want your voice to be heard, SAAB Representatives are the best way to get involved. One reason that events like this have included SAAB is to make SAAB reps into really informed students in this whole process. What this means is they are very capable of (and charged with) representing student voices throughout this process.

As always, feel free to contact me at with questions or concerns.

Aaron Fellows
SAAB Chair

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