Notes from the First Forum

Notes from the First Forum

October 2, 2015

Compiled by Nathaniel Hamlett and Carlton Bone


  1. 1 diva 1 mic
  2. Move up move up
  3. No one knows everything together we know a lot
  4. We can’t be articulate all the time
  5. Intent vs. impact
  6. Expect and accept a lack of closure
  7. Practice Self-Care

Acknowledged the limitations of the space (council chambers is a formal setting)

3 minute time limit

Received a lot of questions Surrounding the Reed LC incident

Spent times isolation themes:

  1. How can we better demystify rape culture (more about responsible community members than focusing on an isolated case)

Introduction of Melissa Osmond

Tenets of her job:

1) Prevention and Education

2) Response

7 confidential advocates on campus that can be reached out to

Faculty members need to provide support

Cannot stigmatize men and women who have survived rape or sexual assault

To an extent men (the power majority) must be allies and shoulder the burden of a more inclusive community

Acknowledging the normalization of heterosexuality


Realize sense of entitlement

Women cannot be objects of sexual fulfillment/objectification

Coalescence of race issues and sexual issues

Worst mass shooting in the state of OR 9 people dead (Umpqua)

Reference their native origins and their subsequent subjugation

You don’t get to today without genocide

Obama— “sickness of the mind” as well as shooting by men even further white man

Change starts right here

Hold ourselves accountable


Mixed feelings on the message of ASLC

Some are glad that what information was said was said

ASLC set one narrative and essentially condemned that student

Decidedly one-sided perspective

Don’t forget the witnesses who were forced to watched their peer exposed to excessive force


ASLC informed nearly simultaneously of the two incidents

ASLC has a prerogative to inform the students of issues of hate and bias Needed to send something to the student body

Acknowledging the history between LC and Reed

Drafted collaboratively by Cabinet

In the future… We are going to ask more

We did a good job with what we had and performed under duress

We can always do more

What are concrete steps that result in an increase in accountability for the ASLC and the administration?

There are spaces where people can go and vent… and these are the student unions

If the ASLC is supposed to report instances of hate and bias why didn’t they address race in the first place?

So much pressure put onto the various student unions… needs to be give and take with other parts of the community

Lack of institutional transparency

Why is it up to ASLC who is comprised of the students to provide the majority of the information?

Wall of bureaucracy shielding us from information

Kathy Title IX coordinator

Title IX is a federal law that provides equal educational ground based on sex, gender, race, or whatever

Tension between letting something be student and ‘not getting things done enough’

A lot we literally cannot share

Everything cannot be shed

Administrators are not malicious… want to foster/foment openness

Ambiguity in what the real relationship between the staff and the student body

Salient separation between students towards administrators

Only time we talked about sexual misconduct was when something went wrong…

We need to create some formal capacity for discourse

More administration representation than just Harold (an Advisor) at ASLC meetings

Someone with the Dean/ President’s Ear

What is LC’s policy when people off campus are confronted with sexual abuse/harassment

Look to possible changes to campus security

FERPA protection of your rights as a student

It is not your right to know the whole story

We must acknowledge and respect varying perspectives

As peers and students we need to be cognizant of the rumor mill —> game of telephone

FERPA applies off campus (the inference being campus safety will help you in a jam off campus?)

Administration isn’t trying to hide… their hands are tied (tricky legally)

If you hear vitriolic things it’s your onus as a student to make sure people are disseminating accurate information.

Students of Reed are highly concerned about the issues of sexual misconduct and the racial components, as well as to how we treat their campus

*Can’t forget it took Reed to got us to acknowledge the racial aspect of the issues. (They had the first race-based inquiry)

Reed wants change and investigation and in-depth thought

At Reed their talks were oriented to a certain extent on excessive force

No public/campus safety person in the room at the time of the discussion we are having right now.

What if this happened on our campus?

There are always people on campus who are concerned with your safety

Problem lies less with transparency but more with trust

Do student trust in the system? Are they wholly advocating for you?

Some faculty (not all) will not go to bat for students

We aren’t sure as to the concrete steps but there is a tangible feel of malcontent

Big issue: The lack of support

Sexual misconduct is indubitably wrong yet…

Students came back traumatized

Didn’t see the Student Gov’t and admin looking to support those students

Individuals are distraught and feel abandoned

Real question: There are all of these supposed faculty outlets but students are still feeling decidedly alone

We are all part of the community and we cannot be afford to be stratified

Everyone needs to be accountable

Neutrality can be negative

This is the first time we’ve met tot talk about these issues

2/3 of my friends have been sexually “abused”

This is a nationwide issue Lewis and Clark is merely a microcosm

These issues are present in our community

Motif of lack of communication and methods of communing

Some faculty did not know what happened as they didn’t get the email from ASLC

Admin was constrained and didn’t feel like they could send that information

Applaud the BSU for acknowledging race in the initial email

ASLC did not acknowledge this;

ASLC is 0-3 and it feels like information has been purposefully withheld from students

Students just want to be aware

Students aren’t informed enough to engage in any discourse regarding the issue of race

Admin are people too

i.e. I am more than just an area director, but a women of color who empathizes with students

Campus Living -à if anyone is there for you its those 5 AD’s and a grad assistant

How do we do something when it feels like we can do nothing?

The weight of the duality of being emotionally tethered but legally bound

No source of objective information from the pio log

We only talk when there’s a crisis

I’ve been here 3 years but each year people are surprised when issues occur

RA’s are for sure with you

Walk the Talk

Turnover is an issue

Decided lack of tangible change in conjunction with turnover create immense difficulties

Not to take anyone off the hook but to acknowledge

Hate and bias and sexual conduct policies have been affected by the student body/government and in recent history —> everyone needs to be accountable

Hate and bias clause was instituted

In a situation belonging to an individual student they said: ‘The support of the faculty was there but was non existent on the campus safety level’

1st response needs to be looked at

I need people to look like me to be my advocates

Faculty diversity is crucial

Just because we are a school in pdx doesn’t mean we have to mirror their demographics

Student body needs to unite

While I’d love faculty members, I need to receive solace from my peers

Community “is really awesome”

Doing their best to create a safe space

*After going over the pio log*

Didn’t mention that 11 cops surrounded him

Didn’t mention that he was begging for water

I don’t feel safe in this country

It effectively says “You don’t matter”

8 cops on campus just last night and students felt extremely unsafe and were disconcerted

People keep forgetting that this is happening but at this very second people are being abused

Speaking about the email sent

Primary objective was to inform

Not trying to shirk the responsibilities or make excuses

Everything heard was disparate and inconclusive

Reed Student body reached out multiple times to allow the proliferation of knowledge

“We did fuck up” in not mentioning the issues of race

Title IX

In the report from Reed, race was not mentioned… Cabinet wasn’t aware of the race until later

It’s hard to hold people accountable without acknowledging the issues

There are large issues with the counseling center- a supposed ‘outlet’

Unions are passionate but are consistently leaned on more than they should

Don’t bring your “shitty bro’s” to parties

We need to take the onus on ourselves to destroy a culture of racism and rape

People of color lack privilege of support

Lack of trust within some minority populations towards the higher echelons

I care about every single one of you

I will personally make a stronger effort to reach out

People walking around with a smile but burdens on their heart

Meetings are coming, but please go to Daniela so she can represent YOU better

Want to turn this conversation into beautiful action

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