This Day In History: October 13, 1942

Ralph Vincent, Portland, Oregon, “Morgan Odell,” Lewis & Clark Digital Collections, accessed October 12, 2014,
Morgan Odell was the 1st president of Lewis & Clark College at the Fir Acres campus. (1942 – 1960)

Seventy-three years ago, on October 13, 1942 what would soon become “The Pioneer Log” published its first paper. In its first edition the new president (22nd in the college’s history) addressed both the difficulties of war and of a new institution – Albany College moved to Portland after purchasing Lloyd Frank’s Estate in 1941-1942.

To the Students of Lewis and Clark College:
          We enter on a new experience together in a year which would be naturally difficult because of our new campus but which is doubly difficult because of the great stress of war into which our nation has been plunged. Such a year will demand courage, patience, understanding, and a willingness to work together in order to achieve the goals of good scholarship and personal development set before each one of us. We have appreciated greatly the good spirit and cooperation of the student body. Our word to one another for this year can be, “If you see something which can be done for the good of the college, do it.”
          We have a new name which has historic value and which carries also the suggestion of explorations into now areas of education for the duties of a citizen in difficult times. We will not fail our heritage, our name, or our country. A good year to you all!
Morgan S. Odell


To View the First Piolog Ever Published

Photo Credit: Ralph Vincent, Portland, Oregon, “Morgan Odell,” Lewis & Clark Digital Collections, accessed October 12, 2014, Content Credit: Pioneer Log Staff, “First Edition: Lewis & Clark College,” Lewis & Clark Digital Collections, accessed October 12, 2014,

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