Get Money Smart with $ALT!

We understand that borrowing student loans is a big deal and we want all of our students and alumni to be successful – not only with managing debt, but with all things financial.

This is why Lewis & Clark has partnered with neutral, non-profit American Student Assistance (ASA) to bring our students and alumni a FREE loan management and financial literacy program called SALT.

In early November, SALT will send you an email invitation to join the program. If you do not receive this email, contact SALT’s Member Support team at 855-469-2724.

With SALT you can:

  • Use interactive tools to get money savvy.

  • Search for scholarships, internships, and jobs.

  • Manage all your student loans in one place.

  • Get advice from expert student loan counselors.

Join now at

Be sure to use your LC email address during registration!

For more information on financial aid, please visit the website of the Office of Financial Aid here.

Student Discovers New Species, Auctions Naming Opportunity

Alex Young ’15

With funding from the National Science Foundation, Alex Young ’15 spent his summer immersed in the forests of eastern Kansas. A typical day of his research internship—pursued after deriving inspiration from Wild Trees, a book recommended by William Swindells Sr. Professor of Natural Sciences Paulette Bierzychudek—included climbing trees and collecting moss and lichen samples for later laboratory study.

Young’s research objective was to understand tree canopy distribution and taxonomy of tardigrades, known informally as water bears. These microscopic invertebrates, which vaguely resemble their much larger mammalian counterparts, are noted for an ability to survive extreme environmental conditions in diverse habitats on every continent. More than 900 species have been identified globally.

As he struggled to identify a particular tardigrade, Young was disinclined to assume that he had made a new discovery. But a thorough search through existing literature of reported species revealed that the specific morphological features of this tardigrade had never been documented. Continue reading “Student Discovers New Species, Auctions Naming Opportunity”

WiFi Update – OS X Yosemite

CloudPath has released a Yosemite-specific XpressConnect update that we have added to our network authentication page. Complete the following steps to connect to LC Secure with Yosemite:
  1. Connect to LC Wireless. If you are not automatically redirected to the XpressConnect download page, click here.
  2. Click the “load XpressConnect manually” link.
  3. If you’re on a Yosemite computer, it should bring you to the Yosemite tab. Click the Setup tab and follow the instructions.

Please direct any questions or concerns to the IT Service Desk at ext. 7225 or

Gender Studies Symposium – Call for Papers

Material Conditions: 

Gender, Sexuality, and Capitalism

March 11-13, 2015

Print a PDF of this page.

You are invited to submit proposals for presentation at the 34th Annual Lewis & Clark College Gender Studies Symposium, March 11-13, 2015.

We are accepting proposals for individual papers (each lasting 15-20 minutes), full panels, hands-on workshops, roundtable discussions, readings, and artistic productions.  Please see our explanations of the different presentation formats. Sessions will last sixty to ninety minutes. All presentations examining issues of gender and sexuality will be considered, but we especially welcome those focusing on questions of production and consumption.   To generate some thinking, we offer the following list of possible topics for exploration, but we stress that presentations do not need to address these areas of inquiry:

  • artistic and literary production
  • food production and consumption
  • fan fiction
  • feminist consumerism/ethical consumption
  • reproduction
  • gendered advertising and marketing
  • labor organizing
  • workplace politics
  • commodification
  • care work/emotional labor

Proposals must be received by Friday, Nov. 7, 2014 at 5 pm.

Proposals should consist of a single PDF or Word file containing the following:

  • presenter’s name, email address, and institutional affiliation (if relevant)
  • title of presentation
  • format of presentation (Please consult our glossary for definitions of different types of presentations.)
  • brief biographical information of presenter(s) or one-page CV (Please do not send a full CV.)
  • abstract of no more than 200 words
  • proposal of less than 800 words
  • brief bibliography or list of sources (as relevant)
  • anticipated AV needs and any other logistical or technical requirements

If you are a student, please indicate if your presentation will be drawn from work in a course or internship, is part of a thesis, or is based on independent research. If submitting a full panel, please include the above information for all presenters on the panel.

Send proposals to: Gender Studies Symposium Planning Committee

The planning committee will confirm receipt of proposals.  If you do not hear from the committee, then you should assume that we did not receive your proposal. Announcement of accepted proposals will be made in December.  The full schedule will be posted to the website in early January. Please direct questions to Kimberly Brodkin, symposium faculty director,

Image Credit: “The Battle of Stonewall – 1969” by Sandow Birk

Bridging the World of Entrepreneurship and Liberal Arts

Guadalupe Triana /// ManagingEditorTry12-e1411017844308-1024x114

Google the keywords “entrepreneurship” and “liberal arts” and you’ll get a series of results commending the emerging intersection of the two words. With higher education institutions linking the two, Lewis & Clark is trying to capitalize on the trend.

On Sept. 26, President Barry Glassner emphasized the importance of an entrepreneurial background within a liberal arts education when he published “Entrepreneurship Education Not Just for Entrepreneurs” in The Huffington Post. In the article, Glassner argued, “it’s important to realize that an education in entrepreneurship has great utility not just for entrepreneurs, but also for employees in more conventional workplaces, too.”

Teach for America: Info Session

Date: 4:00pm  5:30pm PDT October 21

Location: J. R. Howard 115

Who We Are As a Country Starts in Our Classrooms

Teach For America works to eliminate injustice by finding, training, and supporting individuals who are committed to equality and placing them in high-need classrooms across the country. To achieve this goal, Teach for America:
  • Recruits committed recent college graduates and professionals of all backgrounds to teach for two years in urban and rural public schools
  • Trains and develop these corps members so that they have an immediate positive impact on their students
  • Fosters the leadership of our alumni as they address this problem from all sectors
Join us for an information session with representatives from Teach for America, and learn more about how you can get involved!
For more information about Teach for America visit their website here.
View the event as posted here on the Career Development Center’s website.

TONIGHT: Once Upon A Weekend


Saturday, October 18 at 10pm

One theme. 7 days to write. 6 plays are chosen. 1 day to cast. 2 hours to rehearse.
You do the math…

Don’t miss this night of collaboratively created, student written, directed and acted theatre!


  • On Wed, October 8 a theme will be posted on the lobby bulletin board of Fir Acres Theatre building;
  • Anyone and everyone may then write a short (no longer than ten minutes) play/sketch/scene based on the theme;
  • The deadline for entries is (no later than) 12noon Wed Oct 15;
  • Winning entries will be notified/posted by Thurs Oct 16;
  • On Fri Oct 17, the plays will be cast—on Sat Oct 18 they’ll be directed—and that night they’ll be produced in the grand finale!

We’re sorry we can’t produce every submission, but we will choose about six plays representing quality, variety, and an interesting approach to the theme.