Associated Students of Lewis & Clark

Serving Students Since 1904

Who We Are

We are the Associated Students of Lewis & Clark College, the student government organization on campus. We are students, athletes, advocates, musicians, animal-lovers, Netflix bingers, activists, and people who want to make your experiences at L&C better.

Goals + Mission

We, the students of Lewis & Clark, recognize the Associated Students of Lewis & Clark (hereinafter referred to as ASLC) as the official body to facilitate better communication between students, the faculty, the administration, and the Lewis & Clark community at large. The ASLC, in its various forms and bodies, shall assist student organizations in their efforts by providing financial resources and institutional support, as well as provide an open forum for students to actively address their concerns and grievances. The ASLC, in conjunction with the larger college community, shall maintain the standards of the student community.

What Does the ASLC Do?

ASLC helps create a better experience for students on campus and in the community by supporting student services, organizations, and rights

Student Organizations Funding

The ASLC funds most registered student organizations on campus

Student Representation, Advocacy & Policy-Changing

The ASLC ensures that all students have a say in the organization and governance of the College and is the driving voice at L&C for student-led change both on and off campus

Student Support & Rights

The ASLC works to inform students of their rights both on and off campus and provides resources to deal with grievances

Student Resources

The ASLC funds and oversees programs like the NYT Digital Subscription, Pios for Pios Scholarship, Textbook/Storage Subsidies, and other organizations that serve students

Student Initiatives

The ASLC funds grants to help students with projects including academic research, conferences, equality and inclusion, and more